Frequently Asked Questions

  • Prospective Undergraduate Students

    How do I apply?

    Complete the University of Illinois application process and select the Agricultural Leadership and Science Education major.

    What opportunities are there for financial aid?

    The Agricultural Education Program offers several scholarships, and numerous college-wide scholarships are also available from the College of ACES. The college also provides a scholarship to former section and state FFA officers, renewable each year. You can also refer to the Undergraduate Financial Aid page to learn more information about university-wide financial assistance.

    What can I do with an AGED degree?

    What CAN'T you do with an Agricultural Education degree? The opportunities with an Agricultural Education degree are endless! Graduates from the Agricultural Education Program are involved in a variety of rewarding careers, including professional careers in education, marketing, sales, extension, training, and finance!

    How would I know if a course transfers here?

    You should visit Transferology to see whether a course will transfer here, and if it does, what it will transfer here as. You will need to create an account to view transferrable courses. If you have more specific questions related to transferring courses or advising, contact Mr. Gary Ochs, Agricultural Education Program Undergraduate Advising Coordinator.

    What is the difference between Agricultural Science Education (ASE) and Agricultural Leadership Education (ALE)?

    The Agricultural Science Education (ASE) concentration prepares students for a career in the classroom. Students complete coursework that focuses on creative ways to develop curriculum and present content, engage students in classroom settings, and techniques to successfully incorporate the three main components of a quality agricultural education program into (classroom/lab instruction, Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) programs, and FFA) into a real-world setting. ASE students also complete a student teaching experience with a successful agricultural education program in Illinois. Agricultural Leadership Education (ALE) students learn valuable skills to create and present educational and training programs, and practice the implementation of hands-on leadership development skills and training techniques in businesses scenarios. ALE students focus on career opportunities outside of the classroom, and instead pursue careers in marketing, sales, agricultural literacy, and business training. Both the ASE and ALE concentrations give students the opportunity to complete summer internships and take a variety of agriculture courses to gain content area knowledge. Additional information about the Agricultural Science Education (ASE) and Agricultural Leadership Education (ALE) concentrations can be found on the website.

    How can I get involved on campus?

    Check out our wide variety of student activities

  • Current Undergraduate Students

    Where can I find academic deadlines?

    The Office of the Registrar provides academic deadlines for previous, current, and future semesters.

    How do I add a course?

    You can add a semester course in Enterprise Self-Service up until the 2nd Friday of the semester.

    To add a course after the deadline, you will need to obtain instructor approval and fill out a Late Course Change form. This form must be filled out by you, the student; signed by your academic advisor; and stamped by the department offering the course before submitting it to ACES Academic Programs in 128 Mumford Hall. For Animal Sciences, you must provide proof from the instructor (email or otherwise) that you have permission to add the course. The departmental stamp will not be provided if you do not present proof from the instructor.

    How do I drop a course?

    You can drop a semester course in Enterprise Self-Service up until the 8th week of the semester. To do this, you will need to fill out a Petition to Drop a Course.

    How can I transfer into AGED?

    There are only certain times of the semester you can change majors and/or concentrations. This is generally the week before classes start, the first week of classes, and 2 weeks during the middle of the semester. You will also need to complete the College of ACES Inter/Intra College Transfer form. This form can be obtained from 128 Mumford Hall.

    If you are interested in transferring into AGED, or would like to visit about the transfer process, contact Mr. Gary Ochs at (217) 244-5164, or 174B Bevier Hall.

    What is the Agricultural Leadership Minor?

    The Minor in Leadership Studies is available to all undergraduate students in good standing at the University of Illinois. This is a 17-18 credit hour minor (6 courses total) that requires three (3) foundational courses, one (1) Capstone course, and two (2) pre-approved electives. 

    What is a DARS report, why is it important, and how can I access it?

    A DARS Audit is an unofficial audit of progress toward your degree that reflects courses you have already taken and courses you have in-progress. This report is extremely important, as it shows which requirements you still need to complete. To access your DARS audit, you must visit the Office of the Registrar’s website.

    What help is available in finding internships and jobs?

    The Agricultural Education Program has several students each year who participate in a variety of internship opportunities and pursue career opportunities related to agriculture. For more information about internships or career options, contact Dr. Kari Keating at, or at 174D Bevier Hall.

    How do I access the Council on Teacher Education (CoTE)?

    The CoTE website is an important resource for students in the Agricutural Science Education (ASE) concentration. The CoTE website provides information about early field experience and practicum teaching requirements, including the Illinois Certification Testing process, background checks, safety forms, safety forms, and many other important items. 

    What courses are required to complete the requirements for my degree?

    Even though each concentration is similar, there are some classes that differ significantly. Please review the specific requirements for the Agricultural Science Education (ASE) and Agricultural Leadership Education (ALE) concentrations.

    What do I need to do to participate in commencement ceremonies?

    Refer to the College of ACES graduation checklist to ensure you have met all appropriate requirements and registered to participate in the commencement ceremonies.