Agricultural Leadership Education Concentration

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This concentration prepares students for professional careers in ag-related industries, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. Career paths include organizational development, education and training, human resources, sales, advocacy, and Extension.

Educational leadership and communication skills are always in demand for future careers!

Concentration Requirements
  • Coursework focuses on designing education and leadership training programs, making professional presentations, developing agricultural literacy programs, utilizing various teaching and training methods, and developing interpersonal communication skills.
  • Practice effective teaching and training techniques using a state-of-the-art presentation suite
  • Curriculum provides the flexibility for students to specialize in a chosen area of agriculture
  • Work closely with faculty who have decades of real-world experience, are committed to excellence, and will help prepare you for a future career in the agriculture industry
  • Apply hands-on learning during a 10-week internship experience with outstanding agriculture businesses and agencies
  • Change the world by educating people! Students have pursued careers as agriculture literacy coordinators, Farm Bureau managers, 4-H directors, Extension educators, USDA representatives, and agribusiness trainers

Declare a Minor

Adding a minor to your undergraduate studies is a great way to diversify your knowledge base and gain valuable understanding of a subject matter that can complement your Agricultural Education degree. University of Illinois students have a wide variety of options available when it comes to selecting a minor. For more information visit the Office of the Provost