Study Abroad

Three U of I students stand in front of the Colosseum

Studying abroad can give students unforgettable, real-world experiences related to their studies. Gaining a global outlook in their field can also help graduates stand out from their peers in the job market.

With over 400 study abroad opportunities available to students at the University of Illinois, picking the right one can be a bit of a challenge. The Agricultural Education program has identified several opportunities that could be a perfect fit for students majoring in Agricultural Leadership or Agricultural Sciences Education!

Our program also offers a biannual AGED Leadership study abroad opportunity to Italy. This 12-day immersion trip to central Italy, coordinated by Dr. David Rosch, emphasizes “Leaders in Roman History,” learning how leadership decisions influence society and vice versa.  This immersion trip focuses particularly on the Roman Empire, the Holy Roman Church, the times of Machiavelli in Florence, the times of Marco Polo in Venice, and the modern Euro state.  Our overall goal is to compare and contrast the curriculum in leadership coursework at Illinois with the significant leadership history that exists in central Italy.  

This study abroad opportunity includes enrolling in a 3-credit 2nd-8-week course (AGED 295) during the Spring semester that meets Mondays from 3:00-3:50pm. The trip to Italy occurs during even years in the two weeks immediately following May graduation weekend at the University of Illinois. This opportunity is open to any student (even graduating seniors), with preference given to students in AGED or enrolled in the Minor in Leadership Studies.  Applications are open during the Fall semester prior to the trip occurring, and are due December 1 of that semester, with accepted students notified prior to Winter Break.

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