Career Resources

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Agricultural Education graduates have the opportunity to pursue a variety of career options! Visit the following websites to find some of the most current job openings and opportunities.

Illinois Agricultural Education has a range of resources for those interested in Agricultural Education including career resources. Their Ag Careers page lists out the multitude of career options in the Ag industry and they also have listing of websites that can be used to find employment. Most valuable for those looking to pursue teaching careers are their listings of teaching candidates and teaching vacancies.

ACES Career Services offers opportunities to help develop job hunting skills and gives access to on-campus internship and full-time job interviews with companies recruiting on-campus. They also offer assistance with applying to graduate programs.

Handshake@Illinois is accessible to students and alumni. The online job board and career services system is used to find jobs, learn about employers, and attend career fairs. ACES Career Services also offers assistance with applying to graduate programs.

The University Career Center offers a full range of programs, services, resources and counseling to assist all students and alumni of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, regardless of academic affiliation. The Center offers pre-professional advising for students interested in going on to graduate or professional school and/or preparing for careers in the health professions. They sponsor school fairs for students to interact with school representatives, sponsor the Non-Profit Career Fair, and assist students in attending Chicago-based career fairs.

To see what career opportunities Agricultural Education alumni have taken, see our alumni profiles!