Agriculture Education Leadership Minor Students Receive Honors

May 17, 2015

Two students who are pursuing a minor in Agricultural Education Leadership Studies received awards during the campus-wide Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Relations awards ceremony on Friday, May 15th.

Trevalova Augustin, a senior completing a Leadership Studies Minor, received the Diversity Ed Social Justice Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Student. Only two awards were presented across the entire campus. Augustin earned the award for her efforts to “address marginalization, oppression, and/or privilege through their academic, co-curricular, and/or social engagement; and promote critical awareness, perspective taking, understanding, critical thinking, and/or action for fairness and the common good among their community”. Augustin also serves as an undergraduate Teaching Assistant for Dr. Cecilia E. Suarez in AGED 480, Collaborative Leadership. 

Samantha George, who is also pursuing a minor in Leadership Studies, received a LENS Diversity Certificate for her year-long work in increasing her understanding and the understanding of others around the topics of diversity and social justice. George is a student in AGED 380 and completed her leadership certificate program under the guidance of Dr. Suarez this past April. The LENS Diversity Certificate Program is a year-long cohort program that helps Illinois students build important skills and practice for engaging diversity on campus and beyond. LENS Diversity Certificate participants take courses, attend workshops and regular cohort meetings, and design their own action project.

In addition to the student recognition, Dr. Suarez, Teaching Associate in the Agricultural Education Program, was the keynote speaker during the Latino Congratulatory Graduation Ceremony. Dr. Suarez said, “I am humbled and honored to be selected to share words with a large portion of Illinois’ graduating Latino students and their families as they celebrate their wonderful accomplishments. I am also excited to represent the Agricultural Education Program at this ceremony.” 

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