Why Choose a Degree in Ag Ed at Illinois?

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As an Ag Ed Online Masters of Science student, you can expect:

Academic Excellence

Earn a highly-respected, regionally-accredited degree from a top tier university that consistently earns top rankings.


Graduate courses are taught by faculty with experiences in formal and non-formal educational settings. The same content is covered in the online and on-campus programs, and your diploma and transcript is identical, regardless of the type of program you choose.


The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is consistently one of the top universities in the United States in terms of educational quality and affordability. Within the online graduate program, you pay the same affordable tuition regardless of where you live.


You have the flexibility and convenience of taking many courses in the evening to fit the lifestyle of working professionals.


Have access to numerous University resources, including email, advising, career services, and library services​.


Become a part of our community, which includes countless alumni from around the world and connecting with other top-notch students, alumni, and faculty.

Career Opportunities

The opportunities with an AGED degree are endless. Graduates from the AGED Program are involved in a variety of rewarding careers:

  • Secondary and Postsecondary Education
  • Agricultural and Youth Extension
  • Agricultural Marketing, Sales, and Supervision
  • Community Development
  • Environmental Education and Natural Resources Advocacy

A Masters of Science degree can advance your career as a professional educator in the classroom, an extension education professional, or in related agriculture and natural science careers where public education, leadership, and communication skills are required.