Our Students

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Agricultural Education

Meet our aspiring Agricultural Education teachers and FFA advisors! While they come from a variety of backgrounds, each student shares a common goal of working in education. See their profiles to learn why they chose a degree in Agricultural Sciences Education, what their future goals are, and what advice they may have for future students.

Meet our Agricultural Sciences Education Students

Agricultural Leadership Education

Our Agricultural Leadership Education students have a passion for developing people as we work together to solve major global challenges. Whether they are working to be advocates, business leaders, or program coordinators, their degree will give them the leadership skills they need to succeed. View their profiles to learn why they chose a degree in Agricultural Leadership Education, what their career goals are, and what valuable experiences they had as undergraduate.

Meet our Agricultural Leadership Education Students

Graduate Students

These individuals are looking to expand their skill set by pursuing a master’s degree in Agricultural Education. While some of our graduate students are working towards applying for teaching licensure in the state of Illinois, others are looking to create new opportunities for themselves in careers like program administration, extension and youth education, and community leadership within agricultural industry. Look through their profiles to learn what drives each of our graduate students and why they chose to pursue a master’s in Agricultural Education.

Meet our Graduate Students


We are proud of our alumni and the various ways they are using the skills they learned while pursuing their Agricultural Education degree! To learn about the different careers our alumni have sought and how their degree helped them succeed, view their profiles.

Meet our Alumni