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Sara Marten

Sara Marten
U of I gave me opportunities to go out and practice what I was learning.
Raymond, Illinois
The 4-H program offers many great opportunities to youth ages 5 to 18. It creates philanthropists, environmentalist, caretakers, agriculturalists, electricians, designers—but, most importantly, leaders.
Sara Marten, a recent College of ACES graduate, understands the importance of the 4-H organization, and she hopes to continue in working as a 4-H youth development extension educator. 
“No two days are ever the same—partly because I work with so many different people,” Sara says. “One day I’m teaching 1st graders, and the next I am meeting with our 4-H advisory council. I get to work with all different ages and stages, and that is allowing me to help the community as a whole.”
Working with a wide range of people can be demanding and can constitute a large workload. Sara says that managing her time wisely is how she is able to meet the demands of her work. College scheduling—attending class, preparing for exams, attending meetings—equipped her for this job. 
U of I also helped her prepare for the wide range of activities and programs she does with youth.
“U of I gave me opportunities to go out and practice what I was learning,” Sara says. “I was able to be part of many hands-on activities and programs to practice my presentation skills or improve my knowledge of instructional strategies. Being able to put my knowledge to action has better prepared me to pass that information along to the next group . . . and to have fun while doing it!”