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Wyatt Capps

Class of 2018
From Mt. Vernon, IL
Interned at Land of Lincoln AmeriCorps Intern (2014-2016)

Wyatt Capps did not grow up with an agriculture background, but his involvement in his high school’s agriculture classes and FFA programs fostered in him a passion for the industry. “Through my high school agricultural education, I found that the general public is misinformed and that agriculture is the backbone of our country,” he said. “I would like to educate students about the different industries, opportunities, and experiences that they could gain through agriculture and FFA.” Because his high school ag advisors had such an impact on him, Wyatt hopes to leave lasting impressions on his future students. “I hope to spark ambitions in my students and to help them build their future,” he said.

Wyatt’s sense of investment in other people comes from his family-focused upbringing. “I come from a big and loving family,” he said. “I love hanging out with my family and friends and volunteering in my local community, but my favorite interest is at my home Church, where I teach Sunday school to first graders!” Wyatt’s favorite part about studying Agricultural Education at the U of I is that the students are very welcoming. “They want to make sure everyone is involved even if they are in a different major,” he said.  Wyatt’s advice to students is: “Get involved! Not just through the College of ACES, but in other Registered Student Organizations. Also, enjoy your college experience, whether it is for four years or two years, enjoy it; it goes by fast.”