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Travis Neilsen

Class of 2018
From Crystal Lake, Illinois

Travis chose Agricultural Leadership Education as his major for many reasons. Travis has always had a passion for food, and by majoring in an agriculture-based major, he hopes to be able to work for a food company after college. Travis says he enjoys Agricultural Leadership Education because he thinks a leadership major will open more doors due to its unique nature, which he believes will make him stand out.

Travis feels that attending the University of Illinois will benefit his academic knowledge because the university has a strong and well-known agricultural college. So far, he says the most meaningful part of his College of ACES experience is "being in a major where I enjoy the classes and the material that is being taught."

To broaden his University of Illinois experience, Travis joined Phi Delta Theta fraternity as a freshman. He says he has made many good friends and memories that he will cherish after college.