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Sarah Luce

Class of 2016
From Strasburg, Illinois
Interned at Illinois Corn Marketing Board, Social Media Intern; Agri-Gold, Marketing/Sales Intern

Sarah Luce is the Ag in the Classroom Chair for Sigma Alpha. In this position, she uses skills from her Ag Leadership Education classes to offer the very best to the members and stakeholders of this activity. She also anticipates using these skills in a future career, working with families involved in agriculture who have similar interests and passions. She says, “The courses I have taken have prepared me with real life projects and planning that I will be able to implement in my career.”

Sarah chose the College of ACES because of the support system. She says she feels like she can ask questions and get the help she needs in preparation for her future. ACES also offers a close knit college experience, where you can make friends and connections with people you will most likely work with in the future. The University of Illinois sets itself apart because it offers something for everyone, creating connections anywhere you look.