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Sara Haag

Class of 2013
From Cullom, IL
Coordinator of Outreach Activities for the Institute for Genomic Biology, University of Illinois

Sara graduated from the University of Illinois with a BS in Animal Science in 2011 and a MS in Agricultural Education in 2013. She now works as the Coordinator of Outreach Activities for the Institute for Genomic Biology. As the outreach coordinator, Sara plans, implements, and carries out the outreach activities of the Institute for Genomic Biology at the University of Illinois. She educates different groups about DNA, genes, genomes, evolution, and IGB research. In addition, she raises the awareness of the transformative research taking place at the Institute and facilitates the interaction between IGB and the greater community.

“I enjoy working with researchers that are making a difference in areas of agriculture, human health, the environment, and energy use and production,” Sara says.

Her ability to collaborate allows her to excel in her profession because she works with a variety of people, including faculty, staff, and other key players to organize events at the university and in the community. Furthermore, her degrees and experiences as a student at the University of Illinois, including leadership positions in the Illini Dairy Club and Sigma Alpha Professional Agriculture Sorority, and working in the Institute for Genomic Biology labs as an undergraduate.

She adds, “My master’s in Agricultural Education gave me experience in creating and evaluation programs, managing volunteers, and presenting in front of groups in an engaging manner.”

Sara mentions the variety of organizations and opportunities provided by the University of Illinois as what sets it apart from other academic institutions. “There are a wide variety of organizations that students can choose from to become more involved and help build career skills. A large network benefits students looking for both internships and careers.”