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Rachel Ransom

From Gillett, Wisconsin

Rachel Ransom’s love for learning about agriculture and for teaching others about it led her to choose to major in Agricultural Education. Her ag teachers and professors had a positive influence on her life, which contributed to her decision to study ag ed. Of her high school ag teacher, Rachel said, “She always pushed me to be the best I could be and to always reach for my goals. I was lucky to have such a great person to look up to and can only hope that someone will look up to me like that one day.” Her favorite part about studying Agricultural Education at the U of I is how helpful and friendly all of her professors and advisors are.

Rachel enjoys working with animals, being outside, volunteering and running. She is originally from Tuscola, IL, and moved to Gillett, WI at age 14. She was actively involved in FFA and played varsity softball in high school. She returned to Illinois in 2014 to begin her collegiate studies as Parkland College before transferring to the University of Illinois. Rachel's advice for students is: "Work hard and stay focused, but also give yourself time to relax and enjoy the fun times."