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Rachel Hazen

Class of 2015
From Bartonville, IL

Although Rachel did not grow up on a farm, she did grow up in the small town of Bartonville, IL. Her experiences in Agricultural Education courses such as Program Development in Agriculture and Leadership Education (AGED 220) and Professional Development in Leadership Education (AGED 310) led her to pursue a degree in Agricultural Education.

When asked about her favorite part of studying here, she says, “It’s the University of Illinois. What’s not to love?” She specifically highlights that the University of Illinois is the land grant university in the state, and has the oldest experimental crop plots, the Morrow Plots, as major reasons why she chose the University of Illinois.

Rachel’s advice for other students is to, “become as organized as your mind and anxiety level will allow you to be”. When she returns home, she enjoys spending time with friends, swimming, playing golf, and shooting hoops.


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