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Lacy Pruitt

Class of 2017
From Sidney, Illinois
Interned at United States Marshals Service; Administrative Assisstant at Premier Cooperative

Lacy Pruitt grew up in a small town just outside of Champaign-Urbana. Being surrounded by corn and bean fields had always made agriculture a part of her life. She chose Agricultural Leadership Education because of her love for teaching others and the different aspects of agriculture. The benefits of majoring in agricultural leadership are that the classes use a lot of hands-on assignments. She says it allows her to practice real-world skills, such as giving speeches and leading workshops, for her future career.

When asked about her most meaningful experience in the College of ACES, Lacy says, “The advisors and professors take the time to make personal connections with the students and genuinely want them to succeed.” She continued by saying, “The University of Illinois may seem like a large campus, but the friends and faculty you meet will make it feel like it’s a second home.”

Lacy’s advice when trying to choose a college is to “explore your options, and settle on a college YOU want that makes you comfortable."