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Kiersten Edgar

Kiersten Edgar
Class of 2014
From Ashmore, IL
Interned at Ag Education and Food Science Health Nutrition Departments at UIUC; Greenleaf Genetics (2013); Great Heart Seed Company (2012); GAST Grant Classroom Intern (2009, 2011, 2012)
Student taught at Carlyle High School
Agriculture Teacher and FFA Advisor, PORTA High School, Petersburg, Illinois

Each day, Mrs. Edgar works with 85 students over the course of six class periods. She works to show students the nonconventional sides of the agriculture industry, and enjoys showing students effective methods of research and identifying resources that will aid them not only in their agriculture classes, but all of their core classes as well. One of the opportunities she has as an agriculture teacher is organizing groups of students, providing new initiatives, and providing an encouraging environment which is helpful in the classroom.

Mrs. Edgar gives a lot of credit to her Ag Education faculty for her success. Mr. Gary Ochs was her University supervisor during her student teaching experience and their similar teaching styles allowed him to give her helpful advice and capitalize on her strengths. Ms. Debra Korte gave her the opportunity to organize Greenhand Conference during her senior year, allowing her to make decisions independently. When it came time to apply for jobs, Mr. Ochs and Ms. Korte were instrumental in helping prepare paperwork and interview materials. Since she has accepted her job, they continue to be supportive and encouraging.