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Kayla Wills

Class of 2018
From Carlinville, Illinois
Interned at Wills Milling Incorporated, Salesperson; Custom Woodworking Artisan Intern

Kayla Wills is studying to become an agriculture educator. “A previous ag teacher sparked my interest in the field, and I want to be that inspiration for other kids in the future,” she said. Her studies in the Agricultural Education Department at the U of I have taught her how to network and have introduced her to new and unique teaching styles to adopt into her future classroom techniques. Kayla said the involvement opportunities and the faculty are two key benefits of her academic program. “We are blessed with dedicated and passionate educators, high-end facilities, and numerous volunteer opportunities thanks to our amazing program,” she said. “My favorite part of being in ACES is feeling like I’ve joined such an amazing second family that will always be here for me.”

Kayla’s advice for students is: “Choosing a new home for the next few years is an intimidating thing. I would suggest visiting many schools and choose the one that makes you scared and excited at the same time.”