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Kaity Spangler

Class of 2018
Interned at Legislative Intern for the Illinois Corn Growers Associaton; Illinois 4-H; Holly Birch Photography

Kaity’s freshman year of high school, she took advantage of an opportunity and was selected to be the chairperson of the Greenhand Parliamentary Procedure team at Bushnell-Prairie City High School.   That was a shining moment in her FFA career. She says, “I worked so hard to be the best chairperson I could be.” Her hard work eventually paid off and she was awarded first place chairperson at the Section 11 contest.  Throughout high school, that first recognition pushed Kaity to do her best at every contest and take advantage of every opportunity within the FFA. 

Of the experience, Kaity says, “For me, that success is still a daily reminder that hard work and dedication can truly lead to something great.  Taking advantage of an opportunity sets off a spark, and that spark can make a huge impact on your future.”

Kaity chose to major in Ag Ed because she believes that she can utilize the leadership skills she learned in FFA in a positive way as an Ag Advisor, so that all members feel welcome in this organization. She says, “Just as was done for me, I strive to be the one for our future members who lets them know that the opportunity is there for them to be successful.  Just as I once tried on the blue and gold jacket, I make certain that they have the opportunity to wear it proudly also.”

Kaity has also been extremely involved in 4-H. She is incredibly fond of the opportunities the FFA and 4H have given her. She says, “Little did I know that the FFA and 4-H were going to be such a huge part of my life. I owe my true passion for AGvocating and wanting a career in Ag Ed to those amazing organizations.”

Her advice for students is “Go all out, never hold back, and follow your dreams… No matter how big they may seem! Even if things don’t work out the way you planned, you will be an inspiration to others around you." Kaity also adds, "Find a mentor. Someone that you can look up to and aspire to be like. Ask for advice and give them the opportunity to help you become successful.”