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Jordan Horwich

Class of 2016
From Chicago, IL
Interned at Featuredfoods.com, Inc., Chicago, IL

Jordan came to the university through the Division of General Studies, but found that the Agricultural Leadership Education major offered him flexibility and suited his interests. The benefits of a small classroom setting, notifications of job opportunities, and hands on help from faculty and advisors has made his learning development positive and encouraging.

Jordan says it has been meaningful to have flexibility in choosing classes to complement his major. “I can choose anything from animal sciences to statistics. I think I have been able to pick and choose what I enjoy doing as well as fulfilling major requirements, and this has allowed me to do what I enjoy.” He says that the University of Illinois has offered him every experience to fully capitalize on his success in college. “UIUC is so unique because it allows students to get involved in practically any interest or desired recreational activity. It has allowed me to study abroad in Australia for a semester and join a fraternity house, and I look forward to finishing up my last year and a half here.”

Outside of Ag Leadership, Jordan is involved with ISOO, a summer camp experience to underprivileged youth in the Champaign area. To future students looking for a college, he says, “I have learned that academic success and integrity are the most important elements, and the rest will play itself out. Choose a place that suits you best and don’t make a decision based on where your friends from high school or significant other are going. I would highly recommend U of I to anyone!”