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Joe Melisi

Class of 2016
From Aurora, Illinois
Interned at Champaign County Human Society, Administrative Intern; Congressman Rodney Davis, IL-13, Congressional Aide; University of Illinois Extension, Grant Intern
Farm Bureau Manager -- Edgar County, Illinois

“Agricultural Education gave me the opportunity to expand on my strengths as a natural leader and gain knowledge in leadership theory.” Joe is from the suburbs of Chicago, originally born in California. His interests include history, government, and politics, which allowed him to pursue agricultural policy. As a student for the College of ACES, he is an advocate for agriculture, and sees the skills he has learned in his leadership classes as crucial in the development of his career.

He says, “Agricultural Education, as well as the College of ACES, has allowed me to expand my knowledge in the field of agriculture, making the major what I want it to be.” Joe explains further that his classes and coursework gave him the opportunity to speak on topics related to policy and refine his skills in communicating effectively in agricultural policy. He gives future students this advice: “Take advantage of the opportunities the university and Ag Ed give to you to reach out to build and find new passions.”

Joe enjoys being outside playing sports and reading about influential leaders like Thomas Jefferson and John F. Kennedy. As a dynamic person himself, he calls himself an advocate for people with dynamic backgrounds. “From the farmers in the field to the consumers in the market, I work to improve these relationships and bring them closer together.”