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Jennifer Boberg

Class of 2015
From Paxton, IL
Student taught at Sullivan High School
Agriculture Teacher and FFA Advisor, Fisher High School, Fisher, Illinois

Jennifer Boberg chose to pursue a degree in Agricultural Education because she was inspired by her agriculture teachers in high school. Because of their impact, Ms. Boberg says, "I can't imagine doing anything else!" As a current agriculture teacher and FFA advisor, she hopes to give back to students, just as her teachers provided support and encouragement for her to pursue her goals and ambitions.

Reflecting on her experience at the U of I, she said her favorite part of studying Agricultural Education was the people she worked with on a daily basis. From the students to the faculty and various Ag Ed clubs, Ms. Boberg feels the interaction with others in the program helped her continue to learn more.

During her time at the University of Illinois, Ms. Boberg was involved in several student organizations, including Sigma Alpha and the Ag Ed Club. Her advice for current and future Ag Ed students is to "do what you love" and "never be afraid to ask for help".