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Janell Emmert Anderson

Janell Emmert Anderson
From Frankfort, Indiana

I received my BS degree in Family and Consumer Sciences at Indiana State University in 2007.  I always knew I wanted to pursue a masters degree but was unsure where.  After countless searches I stumbled across the Online Agriculture Education program at the University of  Illinois.  After more investigation and meeting with an advisor I knew Illinois was perfect for me.  I liked the idea, taking courses online as I am a middle school teacher and did not feel I had time to drive to campus.  

My advisor has taken the time to help me select and map classes out each semester.  Anytime I have had a question I have had quick responses.  My advisors have even taken the time to meet with me when I was near the area.  This allowed me to put a face to the countless emails that have been sent.  

My course work has been thought provoking, imaginative and at times challenging.  I have truly enjoyed my courses and professors.  My professors along with my advisor have been readily available to answer questions and provide feedback when needed.  I am very pleased with the professionalism, course work, technology, and helpfulness I have received. I feel fortunate to have had a positive online experience.  One highlight and honor I have had pursuing my degree was the invitation to be invited in the Illinois Chapter of Gamma Sigma Delta, the Honor Society of Agriculture.

Upon completion of this degree I will have many more doors open for me beyond teaching at the secondary level.  I grew up on a livestock and grain farm and have always had an interest and love for agriculture.  I hope to someday pursue a career in the agriculture field educating farmers as well as non-agriculture community members.  

When people ask me what online classes are like I tell them it is just like being in a normal classroom setting.  The only difference online provides is that  I can sit in the comfort of my home and wear whatever I want.