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Jake Rahn

Class of 2018
From Saint Joseph, Illinois

Jake Rahn is a junior in Agriculture Leadership Education (ALE). Although he started his collegiate experience in a difference major, after taking AGED 260 he felt that leadership was a much better route for him to take.

Jake has worked as an office assistant in a crop insurance office and will be working for Bunge North America this Summer. Jake is a member of ACE Club and enjoys the meetings that are organized by the leaders of the club.

Jake says his decision to enroll in the College of ACES was one he has been so pleased with because of all the different opportunities that it presents. "Not only do they have a great selection of majors and courses, but they also provide a great career center to help you find a job that is right for you," says Jake. He feels the Agriculture Leadership Education program has shown him the importance of being a good leader and how that ability can put you above the competition when searching for a job after graduation. "The ALE major is a great choice for anyone who thinks they would one day like to work and manage people."