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Jacqueline Walters

Class of 2018
From Hebron, IL
Interned at 2015 Crop Production Services Intern, 2016 Fair Oaks Farms Intern

Jacqueline Walters chose to pursue a career in agricultural education because she has a passion for agriculture and a passion for teaching youth. "I am excited to be able to help teach and inspire students and young adults to achieve their goals as I achieve some of my own," she said. Jacqueline grew up on her family's grain and soybean farm in Hebron, Illinois. "We are always keeping busy and working together to keep our family business successful," she said. She incorporates her collaborative attitude into her position on the Sigma Alpha Professional Agriculture Sorority executive board and with the Ag Ed Club and the Collegiate Farm Bureau.

Jacqueline's favorite part about studying Agricultural Education at the University of Illinois is the program's people. "I constantly have people supporting me in whatever I choose to do," she said. “The College of ACES is like a family and the Agricultural Education Department is an even smaller family.” Jacqueline’s advice for students is: “Never pass up any opportunity that comes your way because you never know where it could take you or how it can help you and your future.”