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Jacob Meyer

Class of 2018
From Champaign, IL

Jacob chose Agricultural Leadership Education because he loves working with people and wanted to learn how to better lead them in the workplace. He doesn’t have a background in agriculture, but was very interested in learning more and getting involved. He says he benefits from “a core group of professors that are very connected with all of their students and genuinely care about their success after college.”

His experience at the U of I has prepared him for being successful by working and interacting with others in many different ways. He says, “It has made me more comfortable with myself as an individual in my community.” He also says that becoming more familiar with the agriculture industry and community that he was unaware of has been very meaningful while being in the College of ACES.

Outside of Agricultural Leadership Education, Jacob is involved with a campus group called “Young Life”, a ministry directed towards local middle and high school students. He says the amazing campus life sets University of Illinois apart from other universities.