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Hannah Raver

Class of 2016
From Elburn, Illinois
Student taught at Marengo
Agriculture Teacher at Naperville North High School, Naperville, IL

“I chose to major in Ag Ed because it gives you the opportunity to see all parts of agriculture instead of focusing on one aspect.” Growing up on a small horse farm, Hannah has always had a connection to agriculture. She found her passion for teaching when she started giving lessons to people who boarded their horses at her family farm. She found that Ag Ed was the perfect way to combine her love for teaching with her background and passion for agriculture.

Her advice to current and future Ag Ed students is “find a few clubs that you really want to be a part of and do everything you can with them. When you try to be involved with several different clubs it can be hard to get super active. Also, in the few clubs that you do join, make sure you take as many leadership opportunities as you can. They are excellent resume builders."