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Emma Meyer

Class of 2012
From Lexington, IL
Student taught at Tri-Valley High School

My name is Emma Meyer and I grew up in the small, Central Illinois town of Lexington.  My upbringing did not include much agriculture except for my involvement  in 4-H and watching my dad manage my grandparents’ farm in Gridley, Illinois after their passing. I have, however, always wanted to teach. As a child, I skipped the dreams of being a ballerina or astronaut and stuck with education. My desire to teach has always been very strong, I went from teaching my stuffed animals to teaching classes of 4-H youth about entomology. I try to teach and help people to learn whenever I can.

I have been and always will be a very active and involved person. In high school, I played volleyball, softball, acted in school plays and musicals, played clarinet and alto saxophone in my school’s jazz, concert, pep, and marching bands, and sang in both the jazz and normal choir. I was a member of the scholastic, math, and chemistry teams and was a member of Key Club and Student Council. Outside of school, I was heavily involved in 4-H, worked part-time, and altar served and lectored for my local church. Although college is much different than high school, I still manage to keep myself very busy. I am a member of the 4-H House Cooperative Sorority on campus and have served as Treasurer for the House. I volunteer when I can at both the Champaign and McLean County Extension and 4-H offices as well as work an internship with the Illinois 4-H Foundation. I am currently the President of the Collegiate 4-H club on campus. I also push myself in the academic world. When I have free time, I like to spend it with friends and family, reading, writing, or playing and listening to music.I am beginning my senior year at the wonderful University of Illinois and I am both nervous and excited with what the future holds for me here! I have and will continue to make lasting friendships and networking connections that will help me to develop my professional career. I look forward to educating and inspiring the future of tomorrow!