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Devin Daugherty

Class of 2016
From Brighton, Illinois
Interned at Champaign County Humane Society, Behavior Intern; Assistant to Sarah Albert in Animal Sciences

Devin says she has always had a passion for animal science that she has wanted to share. To do this, she decided to double major in Animal Science and Agricultural Leadership Education to combine her passion of working with animals and networking with people around her.

Devin says she is currently working with professors who are involved in new innovations and ground breaking research. These new connections, as well as what she has learned in her leadership classes, have helped her establish relationships that she may depend on in the future. She says, “My leadership classes have really helped me become more confident in professional settings, such as meetings and seminars, as well as help me refine my leadership skills and style.”

Devin says the University of Illinois sets itself apart from other institutions by being rich in history and tradition, but also having new innovations within core curriculum. Her advice to incoming students would be this: “Pick a university that challenges you to step outside your comfort zone and grow both personally and in your career field. Sometimes the comfortable choice is not the one that has the most to offer you.”