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Claire Geiger

Class of 2015
From Alhambra, IL
Student taught at Pittsfield High School
Agriculture Teacher and FFA Advisor, Nokomis High School, Nokomis, Illinois

Claire Geiger grew up on a small, corn and soybean farm, where they also raise swine. At the age of 13, she also decided to expand her experiences and bought two head of beef cattle. Ms. Geiger says, "Agriculture is my passion and I can't imagine my future without it."

Ms. Geiger chose to major in Agricultural Education because of the influence of her FFA advisors. She comments they really motivated her to pursue this degree, and she has always felt like being a teacher was a perfect fit for her personality.

Reflecting on her time at the University of Illinois, she says her favorite part of studying Agricultural Education was the close-knit community feel within the College of ACES. Ms. Geiger's advice for other university students is to, "always have fun no matter what you are doing. You won't love what you are doing unless you have a good time!"