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Carrie Kuhns

Carrie Kuhns
Class of 2010
From Sullivan, IL

After graduating from the University of Illinois in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Leadership Education, Carrie Kuhns has taken her talents to GROWMARK as a Personal Development & Supervisory Associate Trainer. At GROWMARK, she is able to work with individuals at all levels and facets of the organization by developing and facilitating orientations and personal development programs for the company. Carrie is proactive and productive on a daily basis to make sure her programs are creative and enjoyable. She says, “I feel very fortunate that my degree prepared me specifically for the work I do now.”

The Sullivan native prepared herself for career success by making the most of her time while at the University of Illinois.  Carrie says, “The three extracurricular activities that I was the most involved in and had the greatest impact on me were: my sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta, Greek InterVarsity, and the Ag Ed Club/Alpha Tau Alpha.  I developed great friendships and networks throughout my involvement in these organizations, and they equipped me with many skills and experiences that have and will continue to help me in life.”

To Carrie, what set the University of Illinois apart from other institutions is that it has the whole package. From academics to extracurricular activities and campus life, she says everyone can find something that fits their interest. Her well-rounded experience provided her with opportunities and resources that not only helped her succeed in college, but also in landing a career.