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Betsy Kueker

Class of 2017
From Mt. Vernon, IL

From an early age, Betsy has always known she wanted to become a teacher. She discovered her love for agriculture when she began being involved in FFA her first year of high school. She says, “I remember distinctly when I knew that agriculture was the subject for me. I was at FFA Leadership Camp in Monticello the summer after my freshman year and realized I never wanted the experiences I had in the previous year of FFA to end.” She says she wants to teach the subject she loves the most to high school students. She really enjoys helping students discover their own love for agriculture and developing their potential. She knows how much FFA means to students and she wants to be able to impact their lives as an agricultural educator.

The University of Illinois has always been Betsy’s dream school. Her time here at the University has shown her a lot about different people and ways that people interact. She quickly realized that she will experience diversity like this in her own classroom. As a freshman, she joined every club she found interesting, and as a sophomore decided to pursue another dream of serving in the military. Betsy’s experiences in the AFROTC at the University of Illinois have furthered her leadership development. After college, she will join the Air Force and then pursue teaching as a career. “In the Air Force I will still be leading and in charge of groups of individuals and I will be able to transfer my knowledge from ROTC directly to teaching in agriculture.“

Her final comment to students, “In the end, I cannot believe how many opportunities I have had here at the University of Illinois! The possibilities are endless. The University of Illinois not only lets you shoot for the moon, but strive for far more beyond.”