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Ashley Davis

Class of 2015
From Park Forest, IL
Graduate School, University of Minnesota, Human Resource and Industrial Relations

Ashley is from the South Suburbs of Chicago called Park Forest, just 15 minutes away from city hub.  Agricultural Education was something Ashley didn’t know about but was eager to learn about something completely different from what she was used to.  She says, “I also have loved the idea of leadership since before I could remember.” Ashley felt like Agricultural Leadership Education was a good balance between something that she loved, leadership, and something that she wanted to know more about, agriculture.

Ashley’s favorite part of studying Agricultural Education at the University of Illinois was the many doors it opened for her. She learned communication and interpersonal skills that will be useful for her future career. She’s also learned a lot about teaching others outside of the traditional classroom. Of her experiences in the University of Illinois Agricultural Education program, Ashley says, “I would have to say my absolute favorite part of studying Agricultural Education was being able to bring my point of view to a similar group of people that differ greatly from myself.”

Ashley’s advice for students is “to be open and honest with yourself.  Allow other people to help you the best they can.  If you feel as though you can do everything yourself without the assistance of others you will struggle through your career as a college student. Just be able to consider everyone and every view from every angle, it will help a lot when making decisions.”