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Andrew Klein

Class of 2018
From Amboy, Illinois

Spending his time as the State FFA Reporter, Andrew was able to see first-hand the impact that Agriculture Teachers have on their students. Andrew wants to be one of those influences for his students and help them grow and try to accomplish their dreams. He has always had passion for teaching through tutoring, and once he started taking agriculture classes in high school, he knew that becoming an Ag Teacher was the career for him.

Andrew grew up in a rural community where he worked for his father’s tree service. He has also worked on various farms throughout high school and now works at the University of Illinois Dairy Research Farm. As a very active FFA member, he held numerous leadership positions at the chapter, section, and state levels. It is from his experiences in these positions that he learned skills like public speaking and working with people. His experiences with inspiring FFA members led him to his decision to pursue a major in Agricultural Education.

As a sophomore transfer student from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, Andrew chose the University of Illinois because of the staff. He says, “The staff at the University of Illinois truly make it feel like home. They are approachable and will work with you no matter what the project. These are the kind of people that want to see you succeed and help you accomplish your goals.”

Andrew’s advice to other students is try everything! He recommends students get involved in several clubs. "Don’t make assumptions about things before you have ever really experienced them. Always be proud of where you come from, but don’t be afraid to go new places.”