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Amanda Corban

Amanda Corban
Class of 2013
From Princeton, IL
John Deere Product Support Marketing Representative

Amanda graduated in May 2013 with a degree in Agricultural Leadership and Science Education in the Agricultural Science Education (ASE) concentration. While on campus, she was actively involved in several organizations such as the Agricultural Education Club/Alpha Tau Alpha, Alpha Zeta, a professional agriculture fraternity and Illini Pullers.

Amanda says, "I chose to major in agricultural education due to my loving nature of wanting to help and teach others, and then be able to see them succeed in life. In addition, I chose to teach agriculture because I believe it is an ever-changing field and the field offers many opportunities. Agriculture also opens up many pathways for students on the high school level.

One of the reasons Amanda chose to attend the University of Illinois was because of the beautiful campus! "I also believe the Agricultural Education department at the University of Illinois strives to help you achieve what you want to throughout your college career and is a growing and changing program." She continues by saying, "I would define my ideal Ag Education program as one that offers many opportunities to any student that wants to be part of it, no matter what their background or level of ability. I also believe that a program should always be growing no matter how well the program is compared to others at the time; there are always improvements that can be made!"