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Alexa Scampini

Class of 2018
From Bartlett, Illinois

Alexa is completing a degree in Agricultural Leadership and Science Education with a minor in Animal Sciences at the University of Illinois. Her experiences as a member of Students Today Leaders Forever (STLF) sparked an interest in a possible career with a non-profit organization to serve and educate others. She has been a member of STLF, a service organization, for four years. In this organization, she leads high school students on five-day service tours through different states. So far, she has led four tours. Alexa is also Co-President of the student organization; she helps organize and plan an alternative spring break service tour for college students.

In the past, she has volunteered for her hometown's animal shelter and ran in charity 5K events for Marklund and Anderson Animal Shelter. Alexa enjoys volunteering in her free time, and stays active in the STLF community.

Alexa's advice for students is to "work hard and keep yourself busy during the week so you can enjoy the weekends. Also, stay involved with extracurricular activities to make friends outside of your major."