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Alex Magers

Class of 2018
From Morris, Illinois

Alex Magers grew up in the northern Illinois town of Morris. While he does not have any experience working directly in agriculture, he has spent his entire life surrounded by corn and bean fields, so farming is a very familiar site for him. It was not until Alex’s junior year that he officially declared Agricultural Leadership Education as his major. He is eager to learn about the opportunities that the program holds, especially considering the variety of topics that are taught to students.

Alex is still unsure as to what he plans to do after college. With a degree in this field, there is a nearly endless amount of careers to choose from. Alex said, "I have an open mind about where I might work after graduation. As of now, I hope to find a job in agriculture somewhere on the West Coast, such as the California Central Valley or the Willamette Valley in Oregon." He is interested in crop diversity and working with different types of agricultural operations.