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Abigail Petersen

Class of 2018
From Springfield, Illinois
Interned at Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant and Purdue University Sustainable Communities Extension Intern, University Housing as a Social Justice and Leadership Education Intern, ACES Office of Research Summer Research Intern

Abigail Petersen graduated from the University of Illinois with a bachelor's of science in Natural Resources. Among her undergraduate studies were courses on dendrology, ecology, and community biology, but her true passion in natural resources is soil. "It's the basis for all life and arguably the most important resource in the world," she said. "I also have a great passion for educating others and mentoring students.” Now, as a graduate student and teaching assistant in Agricultural Education, Abigail hopes to combine her two passions to build a common ground between consumers and researchers. “I think there is a lack of people to take all of the information we learn and share it with the public,” she said. “I want to be the bridge between scientists and the general public to better communities.”

Abigail said her favorite part of studying Agricultural Education at the U of I is the comradery between her fellow students and her professors. "It's a great environment to study and work in," she said. Abigail’s advice for students is: “Use your professors and TA’s as a resource and make friends with them. They are typically well connected and can help you when you need advice on courses, having trouble understanding a particular topic, looking for a job, or applying to graduate school. You are going to need good letters of recommendation someday, and they are honestly some of the coolest people I have met in my time in college.”