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What is Agricultural Education?

AgEd graduates
AgEd grads get real experience, such as in crop science green houses

A foundation of the global economy and human health is our competent use of agriculture – through appropriate food and fuel production, natural resource stewardship, and the coordination of people required for these enterprises.  The Agricultural Education Program at the University of Illinois prepares students for careers in this area.  Our students graduate knowing how to develop other people, organizations, and communities to help solve real-world problems! 

In Agricultural Education, students:

  • Learn how to become professional
    educators, trainers, and developers

  • Belong in a supportive and social
    environment that helps develop passionate,
    caring, fun, and professional adults

  • Cultivate a lifelong passion for
    learning and teaching others

If these things are attractive to you, we invite you to
learn more about our program!